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Conservation of natural resources and maintaining ecological balance is one of the most important tasks of modern international business community.
We take a responsible approach to environmental care and guarantee that our products are FSC-certified, which attaches great importance to the responsible use of forest resources


We guarantee our customers that the wood we use for production, not available from:
  • The forest areas where traditional or civil violations of law.
  • The forest areas of special ecological importance:
  • Areas of genetically modified trees;
  • Zones of illegal logging;
  • Natural forests have been translated into the fields or any areas, initially non-forest;
  • Areas in which dangerous chemical fertilizers are used.

Caring for the environment

The company pays much attention to environmental issues.

Our company has developed a passport waste. All waste generated in the course of business, are stored in designated areas, in containers that are promptly exported from the territory of specialized vehicles.

To neutralize the pollution we used two-column thermal oxidizer manufactured by «PRAMEC srl», Italy, which is a set of interconnected nodes used for afterburning of volatile organic compounds that are formed as a result of impregnation paper processing line.