Paper laminating plywood

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Lamination plywood phenolic paper - this physicochemical process phenolic plywood lining papers under the influence of temperature and pressure. Decorative and protective layer formed on the plate by spreading the resin on the surface of the plywood, which occurs due to adhesion (coupling) surface of the plywood, and paper impregnated with resin.

Lamination phenolic paper type PS plywood presses takes place in multi-span (14-22 floors), lamination modes depend on the thickness of plywood, such as phenolic paper and press Settings.

Standard glossy surface modes - pressing time of 5-6 minutes, pressing temperature of 127-136 degrees C, the pressure of 16-22 kg / cm3.

Phenolic paper type PS can be laminated plywood with the so-called "mesh". Laminated plywood surface "mesh" is used to prevent slipping, is used as a coating on the steps of staircases, floors in lorries, etc. compression modes "on grid" different from the smooth surface of the compression modes increased compression time since between the plywood and the press plate is laid special mesh made of polymeric materials.

Lamination plywood phenolic PSR type of paper is held in single-span or a short-span (short-cycle) presses (up to 5 hops) with the so-called short-time (tact) compression - the compression of 40-100 seconds, pressing temperature 178-184oS.

Letter R in the name of this product is "reactive". The reactivity of the phenolic paper is achieved by changing the recipe under a specific user modes.

• construction, reusable formwork
• automotive
• railcar
• interior and exterior decoration
• billboards and fences
• arrangement of sports and children's playgrounds
• packaging
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