The paper impregnated with phenolic resin for Decorative Laminates LS 155/300

Grammage      300±5 g/m2
Resin content       45...50%
Volatile       6.5...7.5%
content of the water-soluble fractions       min 60%
Degree of the spreadability of the resin in the paper      1,0...1.5 %
Type      roll
Size      900 linear meter
Purpose Postformed decorative laminates CPL

The phenolic paper (paper impregnated with phenolformaldehyde resin, modified melamine) is a half-finished product for decorative laminates (DL) production by CPL method and is used as the inner layers for postformed decorative laminates.

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LS 80/150 TU 5459-002-69073969-2015 - Laminate Samara - phenolic paper-based kraft paper weighing 80 g/m2 for inner layers of the CPL Decorative Laminates

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