The paper impregnated with phenolic resin for Decorative Laminates HPL-LS-TG-155/230

Grammage      230±5 g/m2
Resin content       27...35 %
Volatile       6...8 %
Type      Sheets
Size      by agreement
Property      fire resistant   

The phenolic paper (paper impregnated with phenolformaldehyde resin) with the usage of recipe providing  fire resistant properties is a is a half-finished product and used as the inner layers for production of compact panels by HPL pressing with characteristics Fire Resistant.

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The phenolic paper (paper impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resins) are intermediates for the production of decorative laminates (dBHL) obtained by HPL, and is used as the inner layers

HPL the LS-TG 155/230 TU 5459-003-69073969-2015 - Laminate Samara - phenolic paper based on kraft-paper of 155 g/m2 weight for the inner layers of HPL DPL

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