Plywood lamination paper

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phenolic plastic manufacturing paper (paper impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin, modified melamine) are intermediates for the production of decorative laminates (DL), and is used as the inner layers. The structure of the multilayer laminate. The product has three or four layers, each of which performs a specific function. The main purpose of the laminate - decor. The area where it is used, extremely diverse: it is lined furniture, doors, kitchen design layout, offices and other places.

The phenolic paper inner layers DL (CPL) is used in continuous extrusion presses, the standard compression modes press CPL - speed of 7-30 m / min, the temperature is 160-180 ° C, pressure of 30 kg / cm2. The number of layers of phenolic paper depending on the desired thickness of DL.

The phenolic paper inner layers DL (HPL) used in short-span multispan presses and similar laminated plywood as a substrate film for decorative melamine serves a large number of layers of paper phenol, which depends on the thickness of the plastic.
Modes by pressing DL HPL depends on the thickness of the plastic. Standard compression modes - pressing time of 40-120 minutes, pressing temperature of 120-180 ° C, pressure of 110 kg / cm2.